Web business is a complicated set of processes that can enable your business to increase revenues and generate controlled exposure. Not all businesses need a million dollar website with all the frills and thrills. A consultant can help you understand your immediate and long-term needs. At Eyefy, our consultants have over 50 years of combined experience in web technologies, information systems, SEO, content and graphic design and marketing strategies. We don’t just make websites, we provide you with a winning strategy so your business can grow leap and bounds.
A. Detail understanding of web presence
     a. Report highlighting why or if you need a website?
     b. Advantages and disadvantages…
B. Market analysis
     a. Competitors and plan of action
C. Budget
     a. Needs of the website (short and long term)
D. One-on-One
     a. We will come to your business to consult
E. Marketing
     a. Is social media the right tool for getting notice?
     b. Other strategies
F. Tools in innovation
     a. Office email set-up, training, module setup and widget/plug-in development
     b. Mobile site/App development
     c. Cross browser/Platform development
I. Apple, Microsoft and Android development
Eyefy has been in business since 2002. We are company that prides itself on innovation and customer service. Our consultancy is an investment in your company’s future.


Business Printing

Every Business has a unique image that needs to be marketed properly through various means. Print media is one of the oldest mediums to market a business or service. At Eyefy (a Miami based creative company offering solutions in web, print and media), we have worked on various print ad campaigns that include newspaper, magazines, mass mailer, large displays, car imaging, t-shirts, hats, pens, mugs, flyers, corporate brochures, restaurant menus and much more.


All businesses need an identity that speaks to its leadership, marketing, services, goods and client niche. At Eyefy, we can help you create a unique identity based on market analysis and in-depth business overview. We can help with your logos, business cards, letterheads, business banners, flyers, mailers and much more.

Local Print Solutions

Eyefy uses local printers for all its and client printing needs. We have negotiated bulk deals with local printing companies so we can pass on the savings to our clients. No matter how large or small the print order, Eyefy can help with its delivery. We deal with local printers exclusively to help save jobs in Miami. Our clients are not obligated to use our printers in anyway.

Purchase Our Consutancy

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In this modern age of social media and advertising it is crucial for your business to have a presence. At Eyefy we are always working and developing new strategies to help do just that. With extensive amount of experience in web, print and media we are confident we can have a solution that can be perfect for you. Our advertising division can help promote your business through commercials on television, You Tube and magazines.

Eyefy is always looking to venture into new realms and challenges. This quality keeps our team on the edge over our competition. Although we are a small studio we are always looking to help people where other studios shy away. With an extensive amount of background with shooting 16mm, 35mm and digital film (4K) we are confident we can help you make the next film, music video or television Show that will not only look great, but help you promote your next big idea.

Step into the world of 2d design. With extensive advancements in technology the next big thing in the television and social media world is motion graphics. This is a great tool to get your business noticed. To get your audience to listen all you need is a 30 to 60 second commercial. We also help with presentations where Microsoft Power Point reaches its limits we go beyond and create a custom presentation for your next business meeting that is sure to wow.

Skill Bars

Web 90%
Print 88%
Media 95%
Photography 95%

We are eyefy.

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